Items in V0.24

Forge the Knowledge (0.24)

Hello, after a long summer break and some trubble of work the new version is finish πŸ™‚ This update brings items, a second tutorial for shadow, much rebalancing and some ui improvements. This update is also for Android. The next version will finish the earth element, so you will get a new tutorial for the …

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Translate the frontier (0.23)

Hello, this update bring some new game play features New overlay function, you can see your resource, the owner of buildings and more. New coat for towns and kingdoms. Towns & Kingdoms have a frontier. It expands with your buildings. You can only build in your frontier. Your explorer also can claim the land for …

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Fix the android

Hello, i updated the game to fix a bug. The game was freezed, if you started or loaded a new game. Also i publish a new first version of the android app and also the play store app. It works πŸ™‚ , but can contains display bugs. Also the tooltips and shortcuts not working at …

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Move to in 0.22

Move the recipt (0.22)

Hello, this update bring many genereal new features and more buildings for the earth element. New designed Dialog for building and training with tabs Sleep action will renew every round Nex explore action for explorers. A little buggy, if you have many units. New “move to” action, sometimes a litte buggy, when their are another …

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Underground in V0.2

Light the shadow (0.2)

Hey,due to a little more time, through Corona, i have found some time to finish the 0.2. The original idea was to develop 9 completely different nations. Because of the different characteristics it would have happened that single nations could not interact with each other at all, e.g. the forgers (who live under the earth) …

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Display the different levels (0.2f)

Point the underground (0.2f)

Hello,hope you had a great christmas and i wish you a beautiful new year πŸ™‚This update is more a technical update with not many new playable content. The reason is that I thought about the further development during the holidays. However, to do this I have to do a lot more renovation, which is why …

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Snow map in V0.2e

Mod the snow (0.2e)

Hello,this update bring some old features back: Streets are back πŸ™‚ You can build walls and upgrade them with a tower or a gate. Added map zoom (with Q and E) 15 new terrains, e.g. dirt hills or lava rock Better display for terrains 6 more maps and mod support for maps Winter feature with …

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Tutorial in V0.2d

Fight the tutorial (0.2d)

Hey, this version hat lot’s of improvment and bug fixes: Map movement with attack and heal option Campaign option with tutorial Notifications in the top left Easier play with move players UI Improvments Much mor hotkeys, see options for overview Linux 64bit support Rebalancing Improved error reporting More units and buildings Many small bugfixes If …

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Research in V0.2c

Hear the research (0.2c)

Hey, this version hat lot’s of improvment and bug fixes: Sound and Settings Research options Easier Camera control Kingdom overview flexible buttons Possible to play with more persons Autosave More help menus Many small bugfixes If you have any questions, problems, use the in game feedback tool πŸ™‚ The focus of the next version will …

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