Spell animation in V0.25

Animate the magic (0.25)


Hadn’t written anything for a long time. It never got boring at work, which is why it is only now following.
But now I have finished the earth element. The new version comes with a new tutorial, spells, animations and many bug fixes.

Furthermore it is planned that the updates will come monthly, so it will be more regular and ideas will be published faster.

What is new?

  • New spell system
  • Some actions got animations
  • A new tutorial for the earth element
  • New units for the earth: settler, mage and you can train the geologe
  • Some new building the earth quarter, magic school and the wall with gate
  • You can send resources from the town hall to an other town


  • Some new res, eg. mushrooms and carrots
  • Some buildings got a idle animation
  • Every building, town and unit has his own notification log
  • The terrain display the reals terrain cost for the player
  • Rebalancing some buildings


  • Crash 78ce89ab in town usages
  • Crash 5b675772 in the move to point action
  • Bugs in unit creation used wrong owner, upgrade action, research cost calculation, camera movement while using stairs, move animation on units, sleep action was interupted, build a way with construction material, wrong winter animation for some buildings


The next version will Introduce the fire element. The main focus on the earth element is the defense. The fire element brings all the necessary ingredients for a fight. On the other side the weather will arrive in the nations and let see what else 😉 As always i love to hear your feedback 🙂

Greetings Sven