Seeking a Co-Developer

Hello, fellow game developers and enthusiasts! I’m writing to share an update on my project, “9 Nations” a turn-based fantasy strategy game where players can found towns, build economies, and explore a richly crafted world. While I thoroughly enjoyed developing the technical aspects of the game, I’ve come to realize that my passion lies more […]

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Fight animation in 0.26

Fight the fire (0.26)

Hello, As I told you the last update, there will be more frequent smaller updates and so I present you the next version. This update brings the first part of the fire element, many new fight options, easier language support and some russian translations. The weather will arrive with the next update What is new?

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Spell animation in V0.25

Animate the magic (0.25)

Hello, Hadn’t written anything for a long time. It never got boring at work, which is why it is only now following.But now I have finished the earth element. The new version comes with a new tutorial, spells, animations and many bug fixes. Furthermore it is planned that the updates will come monthly, so it

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Items in V0.24

Forge the Knowledge (0.24)

Hello, after a long summer break and some trouble of work the new version is finish 🙂 This update brings items, a second tutorial for shadow, much rebalancing and some ui improvements. This update is also for Android. The next version will finish the earth element, so you will get a new tutorial for the

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Owner display in 0.23

Translate the frontier (0.23)

Hello, this update bring some new game play features New overlay function, you can see your resource, the owner of buildings and more. New coat for towns and kingdoms. Towns & Kingdoms have a frontier. It expands with your buildings. You can only build in your frontier. Your explorer also can claim the land for

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Screenshot in Android 0.22

Fix the android

Hello, i updated the game to fix a bug. The game was freezed, if you started or loaded a new game. Also i publish a new first version of the android app and also the play store app. It works 🙂 , but can contains display bugs. Also the tooltips and shortcuts not working at

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Move to in 0.22

Move the recipt (0.22)

Hello, this update bring many genereal new features and more buildings for the earth element. New designed Dialog for building and training with tabs Sleep action will renew every round Nex explore action for explorers. A little buggy, if you have many units. New “move to” action, sometimes a litte buggy, when their are another

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Underground in V0.2

Light the shadow (0.2)

Hey,due to a little more time, through Corona, i have found some time to finish the 0.2. The original idea was to develop 9 completely different nations. Because of the different characteristics it would have happened that single nations could not interact with each other at all, e.g. the forgers (who live under the earth)

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Display the different levels (0.2f)

Point the underground (0.2f)

Hello,hope you had a great christmas and i wish you a beautiful new year 🙂This update is more a technical update with not many new playable content. The reason is that I thought about the further development during the holidays. However, to do this I have to do a lot more renovation, which is why

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