Underground in V0.2

Light the shadow (0.2)

due to a little more time, through Corona, i have found some time to finish the 0.2.

The original idea was to develop 9 completely different nations. Because of the different characteristics it would have happened that single nations could not interact with each other at all, e.g. the forgers (who live under the earth) and the water people (who live in water). That’s why there is a reboot in 0.2, and the elements, as a connection between the nations are introduced, i.e. each nation develops into different elements, which unlock the functions, see the diagram:

Element connections (since 0.2)
Element connections (since 0.2)

Each race starts with either the element shadow or light. Nations that have the Shadow element can develop in the area of Water, Earth or Fire, but not in the area of Air and so on.

In this version, the first two elements are Shadow and Light are included, so you can play the Forge or those from the North.

Develop your nation in V0.2
Develop your nation in V0.2

Because of the complete redesign of the buildings and units, some features are missing, which will be added in the next versions, but the tutorial explains how to play the nation North (with the element light).

Apart from that I’m happy about feedback and stay healthy 🙂

Greetings Sven