Fight animation in 0.26

Fight the fire (0.26)


As I told you the last update, there will be more frequent smaller updates and so I present you the next version. This update brings the first part of the fire element, many new fight options, easier language support and some russian translations. The weather will arrive with the next update

What is new?

  • New Fonts to support other languages.
  • Богдан added support for russian. Many thanks. (Currently not everything is translatable, so you see many english again.) You can also start easy the translation to your language:
  • It is possible to attack buildings and occupy other cities. It is now possible to eliminate other players in a hostile manner. (More possibilities will follow later).
  • Some units got a fight animation and a face.
  • First buildings for the fire element
  • Earth mages can summon a golem to defend their cities.
  • Added a christmas special (hint: evolve to fire)


  • Shadow worker got the right animations
  • When you win, you see your statistics.
  • If you play together and lose, the game will not end immediately.
  • Spells that take several rounds to prepare now work reliably.
  • Fixing many bugs in the lexicon
  • Updates works correctly again
  • Fixing other many small bugs


I hope the weather comes and with it time based events. Furthermore, the first small AI scripts are planned and let see what else 😉 As always i love to hear your feedback 🙂

Greetings Sven