Move to in 0.22

Move the recipt (0.22)


this update bring many genereal new features and more buildings for the earth element.

  • New designed Dialog for building and training with tabs
  • Sleep action will renew every round
  • Nex explore action for explorers. A little buggy, if you have many units.
  • New “move to” action, sometimes a litte buggy, when their are another unit on the way, see top image.
  • 7 new buildings and the researches for them.
  • Remodelling the upgrade action, so resources, will be reused.
  • A new craft concept, eg for the mine and the tool workshop, see image.
  • Shrines & Temples can heal
  • A new scenario
  • And fixing of many buges 😉
Craft Dialog in 0.22
Craft Dialog in 0.22

The next update will be implement a border concept for towns, bring some new units, maybe the a new tutorial and try to rebalancing the game.

Greetings Sven