Display the different levels (0.2f)

Point the underground (0.2f)

hope you had a great christmas and i wish you a beautiful new year 🙂
This update is more a technical update with not many new playable content. The reason is that I thought about the further development during the holidays. However, to do this I have to do a lot more renovation, which is why there is hardly any playable new content this time.

  • Multi level map, see screenshot. At the moment, only the king can move and only enabled in Oasis and Debug. Change between level with F and R.
  • Remodelled screen for endless game with map preview.
  • Consumable terrains, e.g. mountains and forest have limited stone and wood. If you cut/dismounth everything the mountain/forest will destroy, so you can shape your own world or destroy it.
  • Speed up loading screen.
  • The season & daytime have impact on the view.
  • Player get points (without a highscore at the moment).
  • Improved lexicon
  • Bugfixing also

If you have any questions, problems, use the in game feedback tool

For the next version, there will be traits for buildings and units, e.g. posing or dying and a new way to develop your nation. You can select a predefinied nation or develop it with the elements, also it will be a reset to all buildings and units, so say bye byr to your king ;). The version afterwards will be 0.2.0 and focus on bug fixing.

Greetings Sven