Fight in 0.21

Fight the copper under the earth (0.21)


this update bring the beginning of the earth element.

  • When you build a shrine, you can try to evolve to this new element.
  • Tools and trading back, also for light and shadow.
  • With the earth you can mine copper and create tools from it, (7 Buildings in total).
  • This feature also allow to interact with nearby fields, e.g. for terraforming or fighting.
  • The options have also been revised, for example all keys can be changed.
  • Also with this feature the whole database is transform, so you can easily mod every data in the game
  • and fixed a lot of bugs. 😉

In the next version the earth element will be more build up, so you can also mine iron and gold and also some ui improvements will be included.

Greetings Sven