Items in V0.24

Forge the Knowledge (0.24)


after a long summer break and some trouble of work the new version is finish 🙂 This update brings items, a second tutorial for shadow, much rebalancing and some ui improvements. This update is also for Android.

  • You have the option to generate chests in the endless game. You can find in the chest resources, research, a map of the area or something else 😉
  • It is now possible to forge items. Items can improve buildings or units.
  • The mouse can move map (on the edge or per middle mouse button)
  • Fixing some unbalancing producing on light element
  • The units from the shadow element cost also resources.
  • The 1st tutorial was rewritten to reflect the new game features.
  • Added a 2nd tutorial for the shadow element.
  • Trade action not always use the first town.
  • Fixing a bug, that units can only moved, if their are finish trained.
  • The usage and town grow feature can be disabled in the game options.
  • Remodelling the build process. If a building is to be built, you can decide with which construction material to build, e.g. with wood it builds much faster, but it has less HP. Stone takes much longer to build, but it gives more HP. In the tutorial it will be explained in more detail.
  • Also their is a new calculation screen for usage & town grow.
  • The resource overview in the town show the last round produced resources (thanks to gabgab01)
  • If you have no unread information in the top left corner, the building / unit will display the current city and resources (thanks to gabgab01).
  • And fixing many more bugs 😉

The next version will finish the earth element, so you will get a new tutorial for the earth element added some more buildings and units. Maybe the magic system will already be implemented or let you be surprised. As always i love to hear your feedback 🙂

Greetings Sven