Winter & Mods (0.14)

In my holidays, I had time to test everything. The most important “feature” are fixed bugs. On the other hand i added an random event system, winter settings and basic mod support.

What’s new?

  • Basic Mod system
  • New scenario (Trading Route)
  • Add christmas easteregg
  • Degrade and not destroy upgraded buildings
  • Buildings under construction, can also sleep
  • Option for the notification duration
  • Winter displayed on the map
  • Extends map preview with autoscaling and zoom
  • Easier input from text on android
  • Random event system

Bug fixes

  • Bug fixes in action menu, research window, quest window, build window, option window, town window
  • Bug fixes with notification & calculation of wealth
  • Rebalancing + Bug fixes for units & buildings
  • Bug fixes in upgrade action, destroy action, town found action,
  • Bug fixes on some scenarios
  • Update used Libaries


The main focus on the next version will be a new tutorial, more content for the rangers and improved windows & keyboard control. The time will see, what i can implement 😉

Thanks for your interest 🙂
Greetings Sven