Windows & Feedback (0.15) is here

because on my work, this version takes a lot of time. The newst stuff are technical, like a new feedback window or windows general.
It’s time to develop the Ranger Nation, but I can do that very badly. So the creation, or rebalancing of buildings or units. If anyone has ideas for nations, buildings, units, come along with them, I’d be happy to implement them 🙂

What’s new?

  • New Window decoration on some windows + save of the postion
  • Destroy animation
  • Street upgrade for North
  • New Fight calculation (with damage)
  • Clearer interface
  • New Feedback option

Bug fixes

  • More stable mod selection
  • GUI scaled better on small screens
  • overscrolling on map disabled
  • Random event system calculation fix
  • and many small fixes 😉


The main focus on the next version will be more content for the rangers and changeable keyboard control. The time will see, what i can implement 😉

Thanks for your interest 🙂
Greetings Sven