Terraforming (V0.13) is here (for Desktop+Android)

a big new feature is, that the whole maps are terraformable, that means units can grow grass or cut forests. Later you will be able also shift mountains. I have replaced the basic Tileset, to make it possible. I also add a first version of a minimap and develop the rangers.

What’s new?

  • A new map & New general tile set
  • New action menu
  • Units can terraform the map
  • First version of a minimap
  • Every nation has a research element, that means it is free to research with this element
  • Save game using their own random seed
  • New Action: Alchemy (Random creation of ressources)

The Rangers

  • Fairy can flight
  • Units can normal walk in the forest (save 5 AP)
  • 3 new buildings

Bug fixes

  • Improved the rangers
  • Other players no longer see if a unit sleeps
  • Fix display bug for showing details for building/unit
  • remove double update check (Desktop version)


I will make some holidays. So you can expect the next version somewhere in the november. In this version i will add some winter settings and basic mod support. If you like something more, please get in touch 🙂

Thanks for your interest 🙂
Greetings Sven