Keyboard Shortcuts (0.16) are here

this is not a big update. Mostly to fix some bugs and many rebuilding in the background. Their are some new units and a rebalancing for the fight. If anyone has ideas for nations, buildings, units, come along with them, I’d be happy to implement them 🙂

What’s new?

  • Town name based on nation
  • Nations has more attributs
  • New GUI Scale (Bigger Icons)
  • New scenario select window with nations explanation
  • Possible to change some game keyboard shortcuts (not on android) & added more

Bug fixes

  • Game service on android use native text dialogs
  • Android Feedback use native content field
  • Bug in damage calculation
  • Crash after restart during save
  • Crash on food random event
  • It is now possible to fly over water
  • Game crashed correctly on wrong database file
  • Rebuild some more windows
  • Fixing loading bug on endless game
  • and many small fixes 😉


The main focus on the next version will be more content for the rangers, like farming. The time will see, what i can implement 😉

Thanks for your interest 🙂
Greetings Sven