The rangers (V0.12) are here

after some time i finished the version 0.12 . The biggest features are the new nation the rangers. They like to live in the forrest and the most important ressource is the wood. The nation will develop in the next versions

What’s new?

  • New nation “The rangers” (still in development)
  • New weather icons
  • 9 Nation can check for updates ingame
  • You can see a player overview tab, later you can change your diplomacy and trade
  • On some scenarios you can select your nation
  • Visual Effect shows, if the night starts

Bug fixes

  • Fixes some bugs on creating and loading the endless game
  • Rebalancing some buildings and change the displays
  • Fixes the installer for linux and update the infos on the homepage
  • Game service tab shows only on supported plattforms
  • Notification music download only desktop, not android
  • You can save the campaign and the tutorial


The plan for the next version is to development the rangers and add terraforming, e.g. create grass and cut the forest.

Thanks for your interest 🙂
Greetings Sven