Snow map in V0.2e

Mod the snow (0.2e)

this update bring some old features back:

  • Streets are back 🙂
  • You can build walls and upgrade them with a tower or a gate.
  • Added map zoom (with Q and E)
  • 15 new terrains, e.g. dirt hills or lava rock
  • Better display for terrains
  • 6 more maps and mod support for maps
  • Winter feature with frozen water, where you can walk
  • Improved lexicon
  • Tidied up main menu
  • Bugfixing also

If you have any questions, problems, use the in game feedback tool

I plan to release every month a new version. The main feature for the next version will be multi layer map, e.g. underground and consumeable resources, e.g. the trees in the forest and for the version after will be also more playable content.

Greetings Sven