It takes some time

Hello,There is currently a lot to do at work, which is why there is currently no new version. The biggest challenge is the new nation, which needs some internal code rebuilding. In the picture you can see the new night filter and the new player overview, later you can also regulate diplomacy, but not yet. […]

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V0.11 is online

Hello,this is a new small version. The biggest feature are achievements and to fix a major bug. What’s new? Highscore & 5 Achievement Optional: Gamejolt online highscorelist support (only Desktop) + Page New Sleep/Take a break Action Fix Bug #1 Fix small visual bugs & add some more sounds Fix a major bug, that you

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Version 0.1 is online

Hello! Nice to meet you, i’m Sven and develop 9 Nations. It is a tuned-based strategy game. You have to explore the area und develop your town. This version of the game is in alpha state. This means that you can encounter bugs, crashes, incomplete and unpolished features, etc. It also means the game only

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