V0.11 is online

this is a new small version. The biggest feature are achievements and to fix a major bug.

What’s new?

  • Highscore & 5 Achievement
  • Optional: Gamejolt online highscorelist support (only Desktop) + Page
  • New Sleep/Take a break Action
  • Fix Bug #1
  • Fix small visual bugs & add some more sounds
  • Fix a major bug, that you only can win, if you have fog in the game
  • Fix Desktop version check only once a week for updates and not every start (Desktop)

At the moment their is no new android version. I wasted lot of time to add google games for android, but i failed. I get every time the api exception 4. If you know, how to fix it, i’m glad to implement it. Currently the android development is not executable (because of the whole tests). I’ll clean up everything and then there’s a new version.


The plan for the next version is to add a new nation. The rangers. These nation live in the forest and has many benefits in the forests.

Thanks for your interest 🙂
Greetings Sven